The benefit of a BMW Maintained Operating Lease is that your one payment can cover all servicing, maintenance between services, tyre replacement, battery replacement, registration renewal and BMW Roadside Assistance. Most importantly, your vehicle is always serviced by BMW Centres using genuine BMW parts. With BMW Maintained Operating Lease you enjoy off balance sheet finance and all costs are known in advance. All of which goes to enhance the pleasure of driving a BMW.

For service anywhere around New Zealand, simply produce your ‘Service Booklet’ at any BMW Centre. No payment is required, your vehicle will be serviced promptly by BMW specialists.

The two basic details we need to set up a lease under BMW Maintained Operating Lease are the length of the term in months and a kilometer limit. The number of kilometers to be travelled will help us package the correct amount of service and maintenance for your vehicle. The Business Manager will then calculate your fixed monthly payment. At the end of the contract you simply return your vehicle to your BMW Centre who will arrange a new BMW for you.

A BMW Non Maintained Operating Lease is suitable for those BMW drivers who prefer to pay for service and maintenance costs as, and when they occur, rather than include them in the monthly rental, as with BMW Maintained Operating Lease.

With either lease, you have no worries about disposal of your vehicle and no concerns about resale values, as BMW Financial Services assumes responsibility for the vehicle at the end of the contract.

We recommend that you seek independent financial / legal advice for your specific circumstances.


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