BMW i ConnectedDrive.

Thanks to the unique BMW ConnectedDrive functions specially developed for BMW i, electromobility is not only emission-free but also simple, convenient and intelligent. Prepare to be inspired by BMW i ConnectedDrive Services and experience how versatile mobility can be.

Connected Mobility

Networked mobility – the film.

Experience the mobility concept of the future which has already begun today.

BMW i means more than just electric driving. This is because BMW i completely redefines electric vehicles, mobility services and sustainability: BMW i ConnectedDrive Services will allow you to fully enjoy electromobility. For example, you can check the charge status of your BMW i whenever you wish, plan journeys or drive more efficiently. If there is a way of reaching your destination faster with an alternative means of transport, your navigation system will show you any nearby railway stations and the appropriate timetables. To continue your journey seamlessly with public transport, simply leave your vehicle in a suitable parking space. The BMW i navigation unit will direct you to the parking spot and then show you how your journey by public transport goes on from there. And when on foot, too, you will be directed smoothly and conveniently by the BMW i Remote App.

You can currently use the Connected Mobility solutions in the following countries and cities: Germany (Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt), Austria (Vienna), Netherlands (Amsterdam), Denmark (Copenhagen), Norway (Oslo), Sweden (Stockholm), France (Paris), Great Britain (London), Belgium (Brussels), Italy (Rome).

The connectivity of BMW i provided by ConnectedDrive makes truly individual, convenient and sustainable mobility possible.

BMW i Remote App

BMW i Remote App.

Experience the film on this equipment option.

With the BMW i Remote App you can control your BMW i from afar and retrieve the current status of your vehicle. The app clearly shows you information such as the location of the vehicle, the range, the battery level and service messages or informs you about unlocked doors and lights that have been left on. If your BMW i is connected to the charging station, the charging process can be initiated remotely using the weekly timer and the air conditioning activated by remote control before setting off on a trip. Both the battery and the passenger cell can also be set up for the journey: main electricity is used to set the optimum temperature. The dynamic range map is also integrated in the BMW i Remote App. It shows you points of interest as well as the locations of available and occupied charging stations and sends them to your vehicle. You can also see charging stations offered through the 360° ELECTRIC product ChargeNow. In addition, the app gives helpful tips on how to drive the car more efficiently and how the range can be extended. The efficiency value of each journey can be anonymously shared with others and compared, if needed.

  • Availability:

    • the display of railway stations, timetables and departure times on your navigation system will be available soon
    • the BMW i ConnectedDrive Services are available in the BMW i 3 models