Intelligent Vision.

Wherever your journey takes you, you should always keep everything in view. With the innovative vision assistant technologies this is quite straightforward. They help you in unclear situations and guarantee you the best possible visibility at night. See more with your BMW.

Side View

See what’s coming sooner. With Side View you can “peek around the corner” at blind junctions or exits while your line of sight is still actually obstructed. Two cameras built into the front wheel arches enable you to observe crossing traffic. You can see the video image in the Control Display and thus keep an eye on everything.


Experience highlight

Always know what turn to take next. And that’s not all. While you concentrate on the road, the full-colour BMW Head-Up Display projects all the data relevant to your journey directly into your line of sight: this includes information such as current speed, collision warnings or control messages. Without having to constantly switch your gaze from road to instrument panel, you travel in greater safety and comfort.


Experience highlight

A revolution in safe driving at night: BMW Night Vision with Dynamic light spot increases your awareness of hazardous situations. A thermal imaging camera detects any pedestrians or animals in the dark and displays them directly on the Control Display. They are then selectively illuminated by a high-power spotlight. As a result, you get a particularly clear view of everything that you shouldn’t miss at night. And the light provides an effective warning for pedestrians and animals.

High-Beam Assistant

More light means more safety. The High-Beam Assistant automatically takes care of raising and dipping the beam when you’re driving your BMW at night. The camera installed close to the interior mirror monitors the traffic situation and reacts immediately to any light sources at distances of up to 1,000 metres away. Depending on the visibility, the system decides when the headlights should be switched to high beam.

Dazzle-free High-Beam Assistant

The dazzle-free High-Beam Assistant makes travelling at night more pleasant and even safer. The system avoids dipping the headlights completely and provides an especially effective permanent full beam. Headlight ranges in excess of 400 m ensure that hazards are detected in good time and guarantee improved tracking. Wherever the High-Beam Assistant detects any vehicles ahead or oncoming traffic, it partially masks the cone of light. You therefore always enjoy the best possible vision even at night.

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