Real Time Traffic Information.

Make progress instead of standing still. Precise information on the current traffic situation: with Real Time Traffic Information you have the traffic in view. Rush hour, roadworks or holiday traffic congestion – no matter how busy things are – your BMW knows the fastest route and makes sure you arrive relaxed. Spend your valuable time where your heart takes you – be it with your family, friends or simply at a favourite spot.

Your personal traffic scout

Real Time Traffic Information.

Experience the film on this equipment option.

Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI) keeps you updated on the traffic situation as it develops and to the nearest 100m. On motorways, highways and country roads as well as on key urban routes. The system also calculates what delays are to be expected and recommends detours. This keeps you precisely informed of the traffic situation on the planned route and potential alternative routes at all times. As a result you can react to tailbacks in good time.

  • Requirements:

    • ConnectedDrive Services

    • only in combination with the Navigation System Professional or Navigation System Business