Comfort in the BMW 4 Series Convertible.

Whether you opt for a drive with the roof open or closed, your BMW 4 Series Convertible is a perfect companion in every situation. Its innovative functions mean whatever the occasion and wherever you go, you always have the necessary flexibility and space to fulfil your dreams.

Luggage compartment with loading aid.

The BMW 4 Series Convertible’s luggage compartment makes light work of loading up. With plenty of space available, it is both functional and convenient. The BMW 4 Series Convertible has a spacious luggage compartment, plus a handy loading aid that raises the entire roof unit at the push of a button. With the top closed, the luggage compartment offers 370 litres of storage space; that will be sufficient for two golf bags, for example. With the top open you have 230 litres of space for luggage. Beyond the sky is your limit.
  • When the Retractable Hard-Top is open, the loading aid improves access to the luggage compartment by hydraulically raising the entire roof system including the top of the luggage compartment in just a few seconds – all at the push of a button. This makes the entire storage area far easier to access. It also means that even bulky baggage can be loaded and unloaded quickly and easily when the Retractable Hard-Top is open. The loading aid is activated via an easily accessible switch on the open boot. Once the Retractable Hard-Top has been raised, the entire volume of storage space below it can be used. Before the luggage compartment is closed, the Retractable Hard-Top can quickly and comfortably be closed again at the push of a button. For safety reasons, the lowering of the Retractable Hard-Top halts immediately when you take your finger from the button.


Discover the everyday suitability and flexibility of the BMW 4 Series Convertible.

Large through-load.

The wide opening of the through-loading system significantly increases the volume of available storage space. The entire rear seat backrest can be completely folded down, allowing you to slide large pieces of luggage through, this makes it easy to transport things like snowboards, skis or even a second golf bag. By removing only the rear centre armrest, you can push longer objects through while still allowing the two rear seats to be used. To prevent any luggage being stolen when the rear centre section is upright, the opening is covered by a sturdy hatch that can only be opened from inside the luggage compartment. The through-loading system can also be used with the wind deflector storage compartment in the rear seat backrest.


Even when there is a bit of an edge to the temperature, the air collar means you can always take summer with you in the BMW 4 Series Convertible.


The driver and front passenger can choose individually from three temperature levels. If you are driving with the roof open, the heating output and air output of the air collar are controlled independently by speed and temperature, via the button on the Convertible top switch on the centre console.

Wind deflector.

The wind deflector improves comfort for drivers and passengers by providing them with effective protection from drafts, even while travelling at high speeds. Constructed of mesh, it makes driving more pleasant without disrupting the Convertible experience. When not in use, the wind deflector can be folded down easily via the simple folding mechanism. Its slim dimensions when folded allow it to be comfortably stowed away in a storage compartment behind the rear seat backrest.


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