BMW ConnectedDrive Driver Assistance systems in the BMW 4 Series Convertible.

The BMW 4 Series Convertible comes complete with an array of assistance systems that reliably support you in many different ways while you drive. BMW ConnectedDrive technologies mean you benefit from safety and comfort of the highest calibre on every drive, leaving you to concentrate on enjoying the journey.

Head-up Display.

The full-colour Head-up Display projects relevant driving information directly into the driver's line of sight, improving concentration. Depending on the vehicle's features, this could include information from the Professional Navigation System and notifications on Speed Limit Info, in addition to the no-overtaking indicator and Check Control messages. Infotainment items like radio programmes and song titles as well as phonebook entries and calling lists can also be displayed. The icons projected onto the windscreen are displayed in a particularly high resolution and in full colour, with traffic symbols reproduced realistically. The information is displayed at an especially ergonomically friendly position on the windscreen and can be individually adjusted. The full-colour Head-up Display is not fully visible if you are wearing polarised sunglasses. The illumination intensity is automatically modified to suit the external light conditions and the system also features night-time and day-time modes. The brightness setting can be configured via the iDrive menu. You can also select which additional information will be displayed in addition to the current speed and warnings from the driver assistance systems.

Drive Assist.

The feature Drive Assist combines the camera-based systems Lane Departure Warning and Approach Warning. It detects lane markings and alerts the driver to an unintentional lane change at speeds above approx. 70 km/h by means of vibrations in the steering wheel and a visual warning in the instrument cluster. The warning is not activated if the lane change is deliberate, in other words, if the turn indicator has been activated. The camera also detects pedestrians. Again, the driver is warned if there is the risk of a collision, and if necessary the brakes are applied. The system also warns you of a potential collision with a vehicle ahead from speeds of approx. 15 km/h and conditions the brakes for a faster response at the same time.

iDrive Touch.

The Professional Navigation System features a sleek design and a superior range of services: It delivers a simple, easy-to-use and seamlessly integrated navigation system with iDrive design and iDrive Touch Controller. The system comprises a hands-free kit with USB interface and voice control and the Radio BMW Professional with DVD drive, as well as 20 GB memory for audio files. The driver also benefits from the use of Real Time Traffic Information in conjunction with BMW Assist. The built-in 8.8-inch LCD colour display with split screen function (main and supplementary screen) is designed for optimal readability and overview.
The iDrive Touch Controller with direct menu control buttons, eight functional bookmarks and voice control makes operation intuitive by allowing you to enter the address of your destination in handwriting on its touch-sensitive surface. Thanks to the three-dimensional map display that makes use of satellite images as a map background, with photo-realistic representations of selected sights, navigation quickly becomes an exciting visual experience.

Speed Limit Display.

The Speed Limit Display including no-overtaking indicator shows you the current speed limit in the instrument cluster, as well as information regarding no-overtaking zones. A special camera detects the relevant traffic signs, and then the information is processed by a control unit along with data from the navigation system. By incorporating additional features of the car, the system can also calculate variable speed limits – for instance in wet conditions or at different times of the day. This equipment is only available in conjunction with the Business Navigation System.

Dynamic Safety.

Dynamic Safety is the BMW ConnectedDrive preventive occupant protection system. If a critical situation arises on the road, the front safety belts are reversibly pre-tensioned and the side windows are closed if necessary. A critical situation would include sudden braking or if the vehicle understeers or oversteers sharply. In certain accident situations, the vehicle can quickly be brought to a complete standstill. This helps reduce the likelihood of a second collision or even prevent one altogether.
In addition, the Attentiveness Assistant also monitors the driver’s behaviour for signs of fatigue. This system analyses the steering response and reacts to irregular driving behaviour with a notification in the Control Display – suggesting the driver take a break.

Camera systems.

Park Distance Control, Surround View and Rear View camera are ideal for keeping the range close to the car in sight when manoeuvring. Park Distance Control (PDC) at the front and rear makes parking a convenient and a safe process thanks to its visual and acoustic warnings.
Surround View shows your vehicle as seen from above in the Control Display. The Side View System included with this feature gives you a clearer view at difficult exits. The Rear View camera also provides guidance when reversing into parking spaces and at speeds of less than 20 km/h.

Active Cruise Control with Stop&Go function.

The Active Cruise Control with Stop&Go function including the radar-based Approach Warning and braking function, increases safety and is particularly convenient when driving in heavy traffic. In addition, the system constantly measures the distance to vehicles in front and maintains a preselected distance. The Stop&Go function not only automatically regulates speed down to standstill, it also automatically accelerates back up to the desired speed as soon as traffic flow allows. If a vehicle ahead brakes heavily, the BMW responds immediately when the Approach Warning is activated. Stage one consists of a visual signal, while stage two – which is triggered if the driver has not yet reacted – attracts the driver's attention by means of an acoustic signal. If the driver has still not responded, the system automatically brakes up to a maximum possible amount of deceleration.

Glare-free High-beam Assistant.

The glare-free High-beam Assistant makes driving at night safer and less taxing. Because this feature gives you the best possible night-time visibility without dazzling other drivers. The system identifies other road users and specifically blanks out the zone of the high beams that would shine directly on them. A headlight range of more than 400 m helps to pick out hazards sooner and improve lane keeping. The glare-free High-beam Assistant is only available in conjunction with Adaptive LED Headlights or Adaptive Headlights.