Every time you step inside the new BMW 7 Series, you embark on a journey of luxury and innovation. Sensory experiences, from massage seats to ambient lighting, shape the feelings of both driver and passenger alike. All you have to do is choose the experience that suits your mood.

Bowers & Wilkins Diamond surround sound.

Discover a studio-grade audio experience from Bowers and Wilkins, designed specifically for the new BMW 7 Series. Made from pure, cultured diamond, 16 speakers and 1,400 watts of output deliver a mesmerising, three-dimensional sound.

Ambience and Welcome Light Carpet.

When you open the door to the new BMW 7 Series, a carpet of light ushers you inside, making an occasion of every drive. Once inside, the lighting concept becomes a design icon. Choose between six dimmable lighting designs and eight different fragrances to create an ambience that perfectly fits your mood.

Voice Control.

The latest generation of voice control understands your intonation and tone so you can set destinations and make telephone calls without lifting a finger and without having to modulate your natural voice.

Executive Drive Pro.

Executive Drive Pro is a suspension control system that combines driving comfort with dynamic ride characteristics. Simultaneously analyzing data from the navigation system, driving style and the Route-ahead camera, electro-mechanical stabilizers on the front and rear axles continuously regulate the suspension to produce a ride that is dynamic but never unrefined.