Charging the BMW i3.

An innovative charging concept provides for a new dimension of electromobility: the BMW i3 can not only be charged quickly, easily, and conveniently at home using the wallbox or the charging cable, it can also be charged on the go from a continuously increasing number of official charging stations. The BMW i3 finds these easily via innovative BMW ConnectedDrive Services such as, for example, the fully networked BMW i Navigation with display of the dynamic range and charging stations.

Home charging

If you have your own parking space at home, you can easily charge the BMW i3 using the BMW i Wallbox. This charging station, which is mounted to the wall of the house or the garage, not only completes the unique design of the BMW i vehicles, it also charges the BMW i3 up to 30 % faster than the standard included charging cable - thus charging the BMW i3 to 80 % charging capacity in under 6 hours.*

The Wallbox Pure, including individual installation service is available from BMW directly. To see if your private residence is suitable for the installation of the wallbox, please check the link below. And because BMW i stands for seamless sustainability in e-mobility, you can also conclude a green energy contract from a selected BMW i Partner, if desired.

* based on 16 A current

    • The Wallbox Pure is a home charging station that allows the private user to charge the BMW i3 quickly and easily. Depending on the available electrical supply at the installation site, a maximum charging power of 7.4 kW can be reached. If the grid is optimally developed, the BMW i3 can be charged up to 80 % of the maximum capacity in under 3 hours.*

      With ergonomic and emotional high-quality BMW i design, the Wallbox Pure goes beautifully with the BMW i3. Like the vehicle itself, the Wallbox Pure is largely manufactured from recyclable materials. If desired, the installation can be handled by the BMW i Wallbox Installation Service.

      * based on 16 A current
    • BMW i offers an attractive all-round service for the installation of the Wallbox Pure: with the online pre-check, you can quickly see whether the installation of a BMW i Wallbox is possible. Your BMW i Partner can perform this quick test together with you, if necessary. The wallbox installation check, which you can order directly from your BMW i Partner, will ensure that your electrical installation and application situation allows the installation of a BMW i Wallbox. The last step is the installation of the wallbox via the Wallbox Installation Service, which you can order from your BMW i Partner.
    • A green energy contract gives you the ability to purchase electricity for charging your BMW i3 from regenerative sources - so that not only every journey, but also every charging procedure runs completely emission-free. With the product portfolio of BMW Green Energy, you can take advantage of these options very easily and conveniently from one source. From the switch-over to sustainably generated electricity (e.g. with wind or hydro-electric power) to your own energy production through "My Green Energy" solutions at your home (e.g. with a home solar system). Your BMW i Partner can arrange for a premium solar carport for generating your own electricity.

With the BMW i3, every electrical socket becomes a charging station.

Charging the BMW i3.


Public charging

BMW i has created an innovative concept that also offers optimal charging options for the BMW i3 on the go. In addition to ChargeNow - a mobility service from BMW i and the largest association of mobile charging station providers - this concept also includes semi-public parking options for long-term parkers, where the BMW i3 can be charged; for example, in parking garages.

The navigation of the BMW i3 supports you during the search for suitable charging options, which are displayed in the vehicle, on the BMW i Remote App, and in the BMW ConnectedDrive Internet portal and are taken into account by the range assistant. The use is cashless and possible using a centrally valid access card, the ChargeNow card. You are simply billed monthly for the electricity costs.

    • ChargeNow is a mobility service from BMW i, which makes searching for and using public charging stations from different providers especially quick and easy. The use and payment occurs easily without cash using the ChargeNow card, which you can use at all ChargeNow partners. Thanks to BMW i ConnectedDrive, all available charging stations are displayed to you in the BMW i Navigation.

      Once per month, you'll receive a detailed overview of the accrued charging procedures and the associated costs.

      Visit the website:
    • ParkNow Long Term helps you find long-term parking options with charging stations where you can park and charge the BMW i3. This is especially practical for customers who are not able to charge their vehicle at home. For these special parking spaces, you conclude a contract with the respective BMW i Partner from whom you'll receive a ParkNow card for accessing your parking space.



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