Connectivity in the BMW i3.

The BMW i3, with its custom BMW ConnectedDrive solutions tailor-made for electric vehicles is the first fully networked series vehicle. The networked BMW i Navigation with range assistant and display of charging stations will guide you to your destination in the most efficient way. The BMW i Remote App is the mobile 'extension' of the BMW i3 to your smartphone. And thanks to the BMW TeleServices, which have been specially developed for BMW i, your BMW i Partner is always aware of your service needs.

Connected Mobility

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BMW i Navigation

The BMW i Navigation.

The navigation system for the BMW i3, with its networked BMW i ConnectedDrive Services was specially developed for making driving with the BMW i3 as easy and convenient as possible. At the heart of the BMW i is the range assistant with dynamic range map. This takes into account all relevant factors for routing: battery charge level, driving style, traffic situation and topographical condition of the route, and shows the most efficient route based on these factors. This ensures that you reach your planned destination as quickly and efficiently as possible with the current battery charge. Another revolution in navigation routing: If you are able to reach your destination more quickly using alternative transport such as the underground or rapid-transit train, the BMW i Navigation will take these into account and show you the most current schedules and guide you to an available parking space near the respective stop.*

* Available soon

    • BMW i Navigation can calculate the most efficient route: ECO Route takes into account all factors that have an effect on the range when calculating the route plan. This includes not only the battery charge level and the personal driving style, but also the current traffic situation, road conditions and topographical features of the planned route. This ensures that you reach your destination in an efficient, environmentally-friendly way.
    • The BMW i Navigation will soon also take into account public urban transit and suggest available public transit links including departure and arrival times during the route planning. Because sometimes urban transit is the faster solution for a route.
    • The BMW i Navigation system will also guide you to a public charging station in due time, if necessary. The information about the availability of the charging stations is called up in real time and updated.
    • Range assistant with dynamic range map
      Via the range map, the maximum range in the radius of the BMW i3 is displayed at all times in the colour information display. As soon as conditions change, e.g. due to traffic congestion, an alternative route is suggested, a change to a different driving mode is recommended or, if necessary, a charging station nearby will be suggested as an alternative destination.
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BMW i Remote App

With the BMW i Remote App for iOS and Android, you can receive detailed information about the current status of the BMW i3 at any time. This includes, for example, range display, battery condition and charge level, service messages and also the vehicle location. With Charge Control, the charging procedure at the charging station can be controlled or ended remotely. The climate control of the passenger cell and the high-voltage battery can be activated before the journey via smart phone so that the BMW i3 is already set to the ideal temperature when entering the vehicle and to ensure that the performance of the high-voltage battery is optimised. The BMW i Remote App Also supports your route planning. Important goals, such as available charging stations can easily be sent to the vehicle before starting the journey.

    • The BMW i Remote App shows the currently available range of the BMW i3 as well as the charge status directly on your smartphone. Warning messages, such as a low wiper fluid warning, are also shown here, as are pending service appointments. In addition, various functions like locking and unlocking the vehicle can be controlled remotely. The climate control can be activated before starting the journey. The programmable climate and charge timer also ensures that the BMW i3 is optimally acclimatised and fully charged before starting the journey; for example, Mondays to Fridays at 7.30 a.m.
    • All features of the BMW i Navigation can be used directly on the smartphone. This allows you to determine the location of charging stations and special destinations using the BMW i Remote App and send these directly to the vehicle navigation system. The dynamic range map on the smartphone, like the one in the vehicle, shows you the currently possible range of the BMW i3.

      Often you are not able to park directly at the desired destination in the city. Here, the BMW i Remote App will help you find the fastest way to your destination after parking your vehicle at a charging station or parking space. The selected navigation destination is automatically transferred to the smart phone app navigation and public transport will be included in the navigation (available soon). The BMW i Remote App also helps you when returning to your vehicle: it shows you the current vehicle location and will navigate you there in the quickest way possible. Public transport will also soon be available as an alternative mobility option here.
    • The BMW i Remote App supports the driver to achieve the most efficient driving style possible and thus the greatest range as well. The Last Trip Performance displays how efficiently the BMW i3 was driven. For example, this applies to the driving style and the use of regenerative braking where the energy from braking is converted into electricity. Comprehensive efficiency tutorials in the BMW i Remote App will help you to drive in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way possible. Statistics provide you with a good overview about the efficiency of the total views of the BMW i3. The personal efficiency performance determined by this can be compared with the average value of other BMW i3 drivers whose data is anonymised, evaluated and displayed for comparative purposes.

BMW TeleServices

BMW TeleServices are a comprehensive package of customer services with which the BMW i3 is able to communicate with the driver or the BMW i Partner directly in order to inform about pending maintenance or necessary services and transfer the relevant data directly. The driver is automatically notified when a service appointment is necessary and is able to contact the BMW i Partner at any time and manually transfer the vehicle data. This allows any possibly occurring problems to either be quickly solved directly via a phone call or at the BMW i Partner.

    • The Battery Guard supports the BMW i3 owner by monitoring the high-voltage battery of the vehicle and notifying the owner, for example, if a deviation from the planned charging procedure occurs or, for example, if the vehicle lights were left on for too long.
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