Safety in the BMW i3.

For the BMW i3, a special safety concept was developed tailor-made for electric vehicles. Like the lithium-ion high-voltage battery, which is optimally positioned in the Drive module, the exceptionally-strong passenger compartment is made of carbon and likewise offers secure protection from outside influences. Innovative driving assistant systems help the driver to always make the right decision. And in case of emergency, a wide range of network services are there to help you to always stay mobile.

Driver Assistance

A variety of innovative driver assistant systems in the BMW i3 not only makes driving a pleasure but also makes parking a worry-free enjoyment. With the Driving Assistant Plus package, the BMW i3 will warn you in due time about collisions and is able to automatically maintain speed and distance in city traffic and traffic jams. The parking assistant makes child's play of parking - fully autonomously, if desired.

    • The optional Driving Assistant Plus includes a comprehensive package of innovative driving assistant systems that make driving in the BMW i3 especially safe and comfortable. The traffic jam assistant can control the BMW i3 autonomously up to a speed of 40 km/h during traffic jams. The video-based Active Cruise Control maintains a constant speed and distance from 0 up to 140 km/h without an intervention of the driver. The collision warning warns about imminent rear-end collisions in due time. At a speed of up to 60 km/h, the BMW i3 can even brake independently thanks to the city collision warning with braking function feature. And the city collision warning with braking function feature for pedestrians helps to prevent accidents from occurring with pedestrians and minimises the risk of passenger injury in an emergency. Speed limit information shows the respective permitted maximum speed and supports a predictive and efficient driving style.
    • The Park Assistant package offers all-round assistance for especially easy and worry-free parking: with Park Distance Control in the front, rear-view camera in the rear, and the Park Assistant, not only is convenient parking by the driver possible, but also a fully-automatic option - where the BMW i3 accelerates, brakes and steers itself - is available too.
BMW i ConnectedDrive.

Networked mobility. Standard.

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Carbon is as strong as steel but 50 % lighter.
And 30 % lighter than aluminium.


Carbon fibre

The passenger compartment of the BMW i3, the so-called Life module, is completely made of carbon (also known as "carbon fibre reinforced plastic" or CFRP) - an especially light and high-strength material that provides outstanding protection to vehicle passengers in the event of an emergency. Until now, the manufacture and use of this material for large series production of the vehicle was too difficult. But after 10 years of intensive research and experience in the manufacturing of parts, the BMW Group has developed an innovative solution and now produces carbon fibres and carbon fibre plates in large series together in a joint venture with the company SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers.


The revolutionary architecture for electric vehicles.

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Lithium-ion high-voltage battery

The lithium-ion high-voltage battery is positioned centrally in the Drive module of the BMW i3 and thus optimally protected against outside influences. A specially-developed heating and air conditioning system ensures as little temperature fluctuations as possible which significantly increases the service life of the high-voltage battery.

The Battery Guard supports the BMW i3 owner by monitoring the high-voltage battery of the vehicle and notifying the owner, for example, if a deviation from the planned charging procedure occurs or, for example, if the vehicle lights were left on for too long.

The high-voltage battery is guaranteed for eight years or 100,000 km.*

* for 70 % of the charging capacity.

Amazingly far-reaching.

You'll go far with the BMW i3 with eDrive.

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Assistance Services

BMW i Assistant Services provide a wide range of services that have been specifically developed for all-electric vehicles and allow you to enjoy each journey even before you get into the BMW i3. The BMW i ConnectedDrive Services support you not only by monitoring the battery charge level and the charging process, they are also utilised in the BMW i Navigation to monitor and take into account range and external factors such as traffic along the current route.

And should you ever need help along the way, the mobile services can even provide you with a mobile charging service in the event of an empty high-voltage battery.

    • BMW i ConnectedDrive displays the current battery state of charge and the remaining charging time till full charge via the BMW i Remote App and also in the BMW i3 itself. Charging times can also be configured like the desired starting point for acclimatisation so that the BMW i3 keeps the optimum temperature in the passenger compartment ready before the journey starts. If the charging procedure does not proceed correctly, the driver will automatically receive the corresponding information message via the BMW i App, and via SMS or email for a critical battery charge level.
    • Via the BMW i ConnectedDrive Services for navigation, not only the charge level of the high-voltage battery is taken into account in the route planning but also the respective most efficient route is suggested to help you reach your destination without interruption, traffic, unnecessary stops, and with the lowest possible energy consumption. Currently available charging stations can be displayed and public transport can also be included in the route suggestions*, if the destination lies outside of the possible range or if traffic jams occur along the route.

      * Available soon
    • Special service packages that are perfectly aligned with electric vehicles were developed for BMW i models. These packages are available with different durations and comprise the following range of services.

      • Service Inclusive (maintenance only)
      • Service Inclusive Plus (maintenance and wear-and-tear repairs)
      • Repair Inclusive (warranty extension)

      Contact your BMW i partner for more information.
    • Stay mobile in every situation with BMW i. Even in the event of service or repair, replacement mobility is provided, e.g. tickets for public transport, taxi coupons, shuttle service or courtesy vehicles. With the pick-up & delivery service, you also profit if the next BMW i Partner is not within easy reach.

      With the purchase of a BMW i3, the comprehensive BMW i Mobile Care package is automatically available to you. This ensures that competent help is available via telephone for any unforeseen events that could affect the vehicle or charging infrastructure and provides quick help at your location, if needed. In the event of an emergency, the vehicle is charged again directly at the location and transported to the next charging station or, if necessary or desired, directly to the BMW i Partner. Thanks to a comprehensive replacement mobility offer, you'll also stay mobile without restrictions in such an event.
Charging. As easy as refueling.

The innovative charging concept from BMW i.

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