All-round service for e-mobility.

Within the 360° ELECTRIC portfolio, BMW i groups a wide range of innovative products and services that make electric driving a comfortable experience and a daily pleasure: from simple home charging and the ease of using a continually-expanding network of charging stations to networked navigation and the option of using conventional cars for holiday trips with BMW Add-on Mobility.

Home charging

Electric cars have many advantages over conventional vehicles - for example, they have a "full tank" every morning, because they can be charged quickly and easily at home using the standard charging cable supplied. Or even faster and even more simply with the BMW i Wallbox. This wall-mounted charging station for home use increases charging capacity, reducing charging time and making it the ideal design accessory for BMW i vehicles. The installation service available through BMW i is part of the complete Wallbox package and is customised to your specific needs. And because BMW i promotes consistent sustainability in e-mobility, BMW i will also arrange the appropriate green electricity contract with a selected renewable energy provider.

    • The BMW i Wallbox Pure is a home charging station for private end customers that allows them to charge their BMW i extremely quickly, safely and easily. Compared with the standard charging cable supplied, which can be connected to any standard power socket, the charging time is reduced by around 30 % in the case of the BMW i3, so the car is charged for 80 % capacity in under 6 hours.* (The exact charging time depends on the nature of the local mains network.)

      The wallbox is also manufactured using a high proportion of recyclable materials.

      * based on 16 A current
    • BMW i is happy to offer an attractive complete package for installation of the wallbox. You'll receive a safe, customised solution from one source including both the charging station and a full on-site installation service. The first step is to determine whether your charging site is suitable for a wallbox in order to be able to offer you an optimal solution. After the BMW i Wallbox is purchased, the installation service will mount the wallbox professionally at your home.
    • The sustainability of electric car technology is inextricably linked with green energy. Combined with a green electricity contract which allows you to charge your car with renewably generated electricity, electromobility becomes a completely emission-free driving pleasure.

      The product portfolio of BMW Green Energy ranges from the procurement of renewable energies from ecological electricity providers to energy generation using proprietary "My Green Energy" solutions - e.g. from a solar car port, a home solar station (HSS) on the garage roof.

Public charging

BMW creates innovative solutions for city e-mobility - especially for all those drivers without their own charging options: they have access to flexible and time-saving parking and charging options in public car parks.

Thanks to networked BMW i Navigation with BMW ConnectedDrive, the BMW i3 knows where the nearest charging station is, indicates whether it is available - and incorporates it into your route, if necessary. So BMW i drivers can easily find one of the increasingly common public charging stations in the city and top up their battery.

    • ChargeNow is a mobility service from BMW i and the largest association of mobile charging station providers. The charging stations in the ChargeNow network are displayed using the BMW i ConnectedDrive services in the navigation unit, making it especially quick and easy to find and use public charging stations. Payment is simple and cashless via the ChargeNow card. Once per month you receive a detailed statement of the individual charges billed and the corresponding costs.
      Visit the website: www.chargenow.com
    • ParkNow Long Term provides access to permanent parking spaces with charging stations where the BMW i can be parked and charged. This is particularly practical for customers with no home charging option. You enter into a direct agreement with the relevant BMW i Partner for these special parking spaces, and receive a ParkNow card for access to your parking space.
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Many charging station providers, one central access point:
BMW i ChargeNow.


Flexible mobility

For optimal consideration of your individual mobility needs as a BMW i driver, BMW i also offers customised mobility solutions for extended journeys. For weekend or vacation trips, you have access to conventional BMW cars at any time for all driving needs: from a Convertible for outings to the countryside to a sports activity vehicle (SAV) for the winter holidays.

And thanks to the DriveNow car sharing service, in some cities you can choose from BMWs or MINIs and soon a BMW i3, and use this vehicle for city travel. Billing is per minute - so you really do pay only for the time you need the car. Flexible mobility - the key to a new, mobile way of living, perfectly tailored to your personal transport needs.

    • With Add-on Mobility, your BMW i Partner will provide you with the use of a conventionally-powered BMW for extremely long journeys such as vacation trips. You and your BMW i Partner simply arrange for a set number of days of use that are available to you within a specific period. Contact your BMW i Partner for more information about Add-on Mobility.



BMW i Mobility Services

Assistance Services

BMW i owners can look forward to a large variety of products and services that offer excellent daily support. These include the BMW i Remote App and the BMW i ConnectedDrive navigation services. Use the BMW i ConnectedDrive services optimised for electric car travel to get the maximum range from your BMW i. And if your car does actually require technical assistance on the road, the wide range of BMW i services will quickly provide you with help. With the Assistance Services, you can rely on e-mobility at all times - and enjoy your driving without any worry.

    • The BMW i3 with its BMW i ConnectedDrive solutions designed especially for electric cars is the first car to come fully networked as standard. Networked BMW i Navigation with Driving Range Assistant including dynamic range map and charging station display will find the most efficient way to your destination. The BMW i Remote App is the smartphone extension of the BMW i3. These comprehensive functions are specifically tailored to the requirements of an electric car and show how intelligent, versatile, and convenient electromobility can be with the BMW i3.
      BMW i3 connectivity
    • For BMW i vehicles, special service packages were developed that are optimally tailored to electric cars. These packages are available in differing durations for specific mileages and the following scopes of service:

      • Service Inclusive (maintenance only)
      • Service Inclusive Plus (maintenance and wear-and-tear repairs)
      • Repair Inclusive (extended warranty)

      Contact your BMW i partner for more information.
    • BMW i offers various mobility solutions on request to minimise the inconvenience to you and keep you mobile while your BMW i3 is being serviced. This includes service and maintenance appointments as well as vehicle repairs. Replacement vehicles or transport will be provided on request, e.g. courtesy cars, tickets for public transport, taxi vouchers or shuttle services.

      If you need help while on the road, the mobile Services by BMW i Mobile Care will assist you - with a mobile charging service if you find yourself with a dead battery.
BMW i ConnectedDrive.

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