BMW 1602 Electric.

The dream of electric mobility was realized for the first time in the form of the BMW 1602e, which was launched in time for the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich. The vehicle was used as a camera car and to transport the members of the Olympic organising committee. Its 350 kilogram 12 V lead-acid battery and range of approximately 60 kilometres meant that the model was not ideally designed for series production.


The BMW E1 included many of the features found in electric vehicles today. It was intended as a city car with a lightweight aluminium body and enough space for four people. The electric motor generated 45 hp in continuous operation: the first proof of unrestricted driving pleasure without local emissions.

BMW EfficientDynamics.

BMW EfficientDynamics deliver a clear reduction in consumption and emissions while increasing performance and driving pleasure. The standard technology package in today's vehicles is made up of various innovations in the area of TwinPower turbo engines, BMW eDrive, intelligent lightweight construction, optimised aerodynamics, and energy management.

Project i.

In the spring of 2008, the best minds at BMW met at a top secret location in Munich to discuss an ambitious goal: redefining urban mobility. The experts established a think-tank named “Project i” that had one task: forget all that was done in the past; rethink it.

BMW Vision EfficientDynamics.

For the first time, an overall energy-saving concept exists instead of implementing energy-saving technology in existing models, as was previously the case. The body and drive were designed with energy-saving aspects in mind. The concept became a technology carrier for many subsequent developments from BMW.


204 hp, a range of 150 km, and made for everyday use – that's how the MINI E sets new standards in technology for environmentally friendly mobility. A trail-blazing step on Project i's path to more powerful but at the same time CO2-neutral driving.

Launch of BMW i.

Born electric: BMW i is BMW's new brand and impresses with a mobility concept that facilitates fully electric everyday mobility – before, during, and after the journey. Because BMW i thinks beyond the car – and leaves nothing to be desired with its innovative mobility services.

BMW Concept i8 and BMW Concept i3.

The next step in the evolution of the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics – the BMW i8 Concept. It combines the impressive performance of a sports car with world-class efficiency. The BMW i3 Concept was presented at the same time and represents the first fully networked electric vehicle that is specially tailored to the demands of electromobility.

BMW ActiveE.

The ActiveE is based on a BMW 1 Series Coupé and means that BMW has attained the necessary level of development for a further fully electric vehicle for everyday use. In a small series, over 1,000 ActiveE vehicles were made available to customers and interested parties in selected markets. A further milestone for BMW on the path to emissions-free mobility.

BMW i3 market launch.

Redefining urban mobility: the BMW i3 is the result of a vision that goes far beyond environmentally conscious and agile driving. The BMW i3 is the car of tomorrow: with its visionary design and the innovative BMW eDrive. It is not only free from local emissions, but also fully networked with the city.


BMW 1602 Electric




BMW EfficientDynamics


Project i


BMW Vision




Launch of BMW i


BMW Concept i8
and BMW Concept i3


BMW ActiveE


BMW i3 market launch