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BMW Financial Services makes owning your dream BMW attainable, and far more affordable than you may expect. We apply the same disciplined, yet creative and dynamic approach to finance, lease, and insurance, as we do to our vehicles. Simply click here to find out further details about BMW Financial Services.

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Calculations are based on an indicative standard interest rate of 11.99% per annum. This interest rate is not a comparison rate. It is indicative only, and the actual interest rate available may vary between customers. Please contact your authorised BMW dealer to confirm the interest rates available to you. Some residual and term payment options may not be available depending on the customer and product selected. All applications for finance are subject to BMW Financial Services’ normal approval criteria. Full details of BMW Financial Services available interest rates, fees and charges and terms and conditions are available from the Business Manager at your authorised BMW dealer, who can be located using the Dealer Locator in this website.