High-tech service.

BMW dealers all over the world use the very latest IT systems and innovative technology to identify problems quickly and with absolute precision. Integrated into the automobile itself, the on-board diagnosis system recognizes any faults in the internal electrical systems early and saves this information. On the basis of this diagnosis, the computer-supported diagnosis and information system quickly and precisely analyses the problem. The mobile diagnosis tester is a particularly flexible tool that is compatible with the vehicle's own wireless communication system. The technical information system delivers all the important data and documentation needed for a speedy solution to the problem. The BMW technician is able to quickly locate and research information on the necessary repairs and replacement parts in the electronic replacement parts catalogue.

Impressive qualifications

Not only does BMW always insist on the most advanced technology - we also employ only the most highly qualified employees. This is why we invest so much time and money in further training for our service staff. We create specialised training courses to meet future requirements for service specialists.