We at BMW take your safety and driving pleasure seriously. For this reason we proactively monitor the performance of our vehicles and from time to time we may issue either a product enhancement or product recall.

Product enhancement

A product enhancement, if required, is something that will improve the driving pleasure of your vehicle and is provided free of charge.

Product Recall

If, through extensive testing, BMW should found a deficiency in a component on a vehicle a recall will be issued.

Owners of NZ new vehicles: Your BMW dealer will contact you directly and ask you to bring the vehicle in as soon as possible to have this remedied again this will be at no charge to you.

BMW 1st registered overseas: As BMW New Zealand did not import the vehicle we will not be aware that the vehicle is in the country and therefore will not be able to contact you.

BMW does however take you’re driving pleasure and safety seriously and if you regularly visit your BMW dealer they will automatically check for any outstanding product enhancements or recalls every time you have your vehicle serviced.

What to Do

In case you wish to check for outstanding campaigns on NZ new vehicles or imported vehicles, BMW NZ encourages you to contact or visit your local BMW Authorised dealership. The BMW dealers have access into BMW’s global system and can check for outstanding product enhancements or recalls relating to your vehicle. Again this service is free of charge.