Your New BMW Vehicle is sold with 36-month BMW Service Inclusive.

BMW Service Inclusive is a comprehensive package which provides cover for Your New BMW Vehicle for all scheduled services and general repair costs through the Authorised BMW Dealer Network.

In order to enjoy the BMW Service Inclusive, you must:

  1. Be the first owner of the BMW vehicle;
  2. Make the vehicle available to an Authorised BMW Dealer, during normal working hours, for relevant service and maintenance work to be performed, when indicated by the Service Interval / Mileage Indicator, as outlined in the BMW Owner’s Handbook.
  3. Comply with all instructions and recommendations in the BMW Owner’s Handbook and BMW Service Handbook for the vehicle.
  4. Adhere to vehicle warning systems and take all necessary steps to prevent and minimise any damage to the vehicle in the event of any defect or failure.
  5. Present the vehicle complete with the Record of Delivery to the Authorised BMW Dealer prior to work being carried out, together with the BMW Service Handbook for stamping and signing by the Authorised BMW Dealer.
  6. Advise your Authorised BMW Dealer of any accident damage repaired and make the vehicle available for an Inspection check at an Authorised BMW Dealer after the accident repair work is completed.
  7. Report any defects to your Authorised BMW Dealer as quickly as possible. A minor defect corrected now could prevent you being inconvenienced in the future.

BMW Service Inclusive means that Your New BMW Vehicle will be maintained and serviced by an Authorised BMW Dealer at no charge to you. BMW Service Inclusive starts from the date of first registration of the vehicle or the date that Your New BMW Vehicle is delivered to you (whichever is earlier) and is valid for up to 36 months or the time you dispose of the vehicle (whichever is the earlier), regardless of the number of kilometres you travel.

BMW Service Inclusive covers:

  1. Maintenance and servicing of Your New BMW Vehicle, according to the relevant BMW Service and maintenance system which includes the replacement of any necessary Genuine BMW parts and BMW recommended lubricants.
  2. General repairs resulting from normal wear and tear to Your New BMW Vehicle where the vehicle is operated in accordance with instructions, including the replacement of any necessary Genuine BMW parts and BMW recommended lubricants. BMW will determine what constitutes normal wear and tear at its discretion.
  3. An annual warrant of fitness check.


BMW shall not be liable under BMW Service Inclusive for:

  1. Replacement of tyres;
  2. Repairs to any items of glass (e.g. windows and headlights);
  3. Repair of bodywork and paint finish, including alloy wheel refinish, repair or replacement;
  4. Repair or replacement of interior and exterior trims and upholstery, channels and guides, weather-strips and seals, cosmetic finishes;
  5. Repair of environmental damage, corrosion, preparation for or restoration after any term of storage;
  6. Repair or replacement of accessories (e.g. spoilers, carpet mats, mud flaps, chrome exhausts);
  7. Repair or replacement of convertible soft tops or soft top windows;
  8. Towing, Salvage and related costs; or for any charges made for service loan/hire cars;
  9. Daily or weekly checks and any forecourt top ups or fuels relating to such checks;
  10. The cost of any non-approved additives, or synthetic oils, unless authorised by BMW for specific models;
  11. Alterations, modifications, or upgrading;
  12. Repairs due to fuel contamination, or the adding of incorrect fuel to the vehicle;
  13. Repairs necessary due to negligence, abuse, or abnormal use of the vehicle;
  14. For any damage resulting from the vehicle being used in any form of competitive event or under racing type conditions or driven on a race track;
  15. Vehicle registration and insurance;
  16. For damage caused by (i) owner / driver negligence, improper use or materials, accidents, or continued operation of the vehicle after it has become (or ought to have become) apparent to the driver that a defect existed in the vehicle,(ii) by storage, or (iii) by environmental factors, (iv) by wilful damage;
  17. Repairs or replacement of non-Genuine BMW components or non-factory fitted components or any related damage caused to, or by, those components;
  18. Repairs or servicing carried out by any party other than an Authorised BMW Dealer.