has better reserves...

There is scarcely a place in the world where Genuine BMW batteries have not had to prove their worth. Whether in the Arctic Circle or the desert, we demand absolute optimum performance of a BMW battery - every time. Only then do we consider it suitable for daily use.

Your battery has the most difficult job to accomplish, especially in winter, because then it has to make available 50% more power than in summer, in spite of its performance being reduced at low temperatures by up to 40%.

Genuine BMW batteries overcome this difference effortlessly; because they have a “hidden reserve” – from the moment they leave the factory their capacity exceeds standard performance requirements by 15%.

Genuine BMW batteries are available as standard hybrid batteries, or maintenance-free calcium batteries, which start from cold at temperatures as low as -25ºC. Both meet our very highest quality requirements in terms of functionality, life and performance. Their robust and impact resistant Polypropylene casing is also resistant to acids, benzene, oil and seawater and is 100% recyclable.

Water loss is very slight due to optimum heat insulation and reduced performance or wear and tear due to low acid levels is avoided from the outset, as the acid reservoir is two times bigger than average.

Genuine BMW batteries:
• Have a hidden power reserve (15% greater performance than required)
• Larger than average acid reserves (reducing wear & tear)