Our experience proves its worth on the toughest test track in the world ...
... the road outside your door.

The greatest stress that a body panel has to withstand is a crash. BMW places the utmost importance on quality and stability right from development of materials and manufacture of parts in our rolling and stamping plants. We subject our body panels to merciless crash tests time and again, to ascertain whether in the event of an accident they are first and foremost capable of protecting passengers and secondly the internal mechanics of your BMW.

A BMW is unique and therefore only BMW know the details of its construction and the production drawings. Every single part is perfectly suited to its function and matched to the complex safety system that is your BMW.

The functionality of Genuine BMW Parts is carefully planned – air vents in the front apron cool the engine and brakes, side protection in the doors and invisible fracture points in the bonnet absorb the momentum of a possible impact. In addition to custom fit, we place particular importance on materials and finishes. The high quality sheet steel alloys are rolled and stamped to tolerances of 1/10 mm, primed using the dip painting process, electrolytically galvanised and finally welded flawlessly.

Genuine BMW body panels:
• Match perfectly and are customised to each BMW model
• Consist of high quality, stable, sheet steel alloys
• Provide corrosion protection, even in the cavities