We increase our knowledge right where it's called for most... every single bend.

No matter how good the computer simulation, that alone is not a sufficient test of the steadfastness of Genuine BMW brakes. So, after a succession of comprehensive material tests, we also send them on the infamous Alpine route; over the Stilfser Joch pass in the German Alps. The test vehicles set off from 2,757 metres above sea level, and then wind their way down the mountain, hairpin bend by hairpin bend, until the brake discs literally glow red-hot.

Every time you brake, enormous forces and temperatures of up to 900ºC come into play, asking the ultimate question of materials and assembly. BMW brake discs are asbestos free and have a high proportion of graphite, aiding heat resistance and shape retention.

Correct adjustment of the brakes to your BMW bodywork, chassis and engine and above all, ABS, is equally important so that the brakes continue to function perfectly. When you depress the brake pedal, the brake cable transfers the momentum. Using hydraulic pressure, the pistons then press the brake linings against the brake discs from either side. If a fully laden BMW brakes all-out from a speed of 130 km/h, in extreme cases the brakes may have to absorb up to 1,770 h.p. of energy.

A deformed brake disk not only wears the brake linings, it increases the amount of pedal travel during braking, increases fuel consumption and more importantly, becomes a safety risk.

Genuine BMW brake discs:
• Meet the highest material requirements (asbestos free, heat and deformation resistant)
• Brake fade is reduced, even after several emergency stops
• Are specially adjusted to your model of BMW and its ABS by BMW Service