The sound of a healthy engine.

Before it is used on the road for the first time a Genuine BMW exhaust system has a considerable test history behind it. It has to prove on the test bed that it can cope with vibrations, temperature fluctuations and shocks, before having to withstand stone chips and 80,000 km unbroken mileage in practical tests too. Only when at the end, it still sounds like a real BMW are we one hundred percent satisfied.

The interaction of all the individual parts in a BMW is a prerequisite for optimum functioning of a Genuine BMW exhaust system, as well as the system being tailored to the specific BMW model. Inexpert repairs or poor quality spare parts can overheat during driving, age more quickly and rust faster. The Genuine BMW Parts which form the exhaust system, are manufactured from lightweight material, are resistant to torsional flexing, high temperatures and corrosion.

In order to reduce the explosive volume of the exhaust gases en route to the rear and cut noise to a minimum, front and back mufflers are integrated into the exhaust system. Harmful substances are filtered out in the catalytic converter system by means of a chemical reaction with the metal surface. Genuine BMW exhaust systems reduce harmful substances by up to 90%, not only complying with statutory requirements, but also exceeding them.

Genuine BMW exhaust systems:
• Are environmentally friendly (they reduce pollution from Exhausts by up to 90%)
• Satisfy the highest material requirements (heat, impact and corrosion resistance)