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A Genuine BMW Part has undergone countless tests before it goes into production. This even applies to parts that you normally never see, but which are critical to the operation and driving comfort of your BMW. These are the filters and spark plugs that have to be replaced during routine servicing. Naturally we have the same high quality expectations of them as we do of any other Genuine BMW Part and any of our vehicles.

Genuine BMW microfilters
Protect passengers from harmful substances in the air such as ozone, benzene, pollen and nitric oxide. This is especially important for those who suffer from allergies. With BMW microfilters, the air inside the vehicle is between 2 and 8 times cleaner than outside.

Genuine BMW air filters
Have a maximum storage capacity of up to 100,000 kilometres. They ensure induction noise is reduced, regulate trouble-free combustion in the engine, and reduce pollutant emissions.

Genuine BMW oil filters
Are matched to the mechanisation of your BMW. They provide long-lasting collection of tiny particles (<0.0005 mm) in a filter volume of up to 3,800 cm. It is important to note that infrequently changed or inadequate oil filters may cause engine damage!

Genuine BMW fuel filters
Are manufactured from heat and pressure resistant aluminium and operate perfectly in the long-term, even at high pressure.