Absorbs every shock.

Few other BMW parts are subjected to such merciless testing as a Genuine BMW shock absorber. Only after 10,000 km around the Nürburgring, 100,000-150,000 km non-stop driving and only when it has withstood temperatures of up to -30ºC and +40ºC, without sacrificing any of its ability to absorb shocks are we satisfied.

We have the same high expectations of our parts in terms of functionality as we do quality. Your shock absorbers are therefore perfectly adapted to the special mechanics particular to your BMW. This is the only way to avoid the wheels bouncing or the vehicle bodywork vibrating. In short, the optimum driving safety and comfort that your BMW offers is of course retained, even if a part has to be replaced.

Faulty or badly adjusted shock absorbers weaken the chassis, place stress on the tyres and the suspension. This not only spoils your driving pleasure and damages the vehicle, it can also become a safety risk.

BMW shock absorbers feature a double tube gas pressure construction. This means that the shock absorber has two chambers; the so-called working chamber, which is completely filled with special heat-resistant oil, and the expansion chamber, which is 2/3 full of oil and is subject to excess pressure of 6-8 bar to compensate for the oil displaced by the incoming piston rod.

Genuine BMW shock absorbers:
• Are matched to the mechanics of your BMW and all other BMW parts.
• Represent state-of-the-art series production techniques.
• Provide almost unchanged shock absorption at any temperature (from -40ºC -